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I’m so noble August 16, 2010

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I was doing a mini 5th step with my pastor a couple of weeks ago, and the topic of self pity came up.

Self pity wears many faces.  I don’t usually mope around crying “oh poor me!” I’m more socialized than that – but I recognized years ago that there is a big difference between being socialized and being holy.  The face self pity wears in my life is the face of nobility.  A lady at church yesterday asked me how I was, and I responded, “Trying to face life’s challenges with courage.”  How noble of me.  Poor brave longsuffering Jill, who makes the right choices, does the right things under pressure. (I hope you’re hearing the sarcasm in my tone)

“You’re right,”  I said to my pastor, “well, let’s deal with this self pity thing.  It’s ugly and deforms my personality.  I’m happy for God to remove it.”

“That’s very noble of you,”  he grinned.

Being a very mature and spiritually advanced woman, I stuck my tongue out at him.


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