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Ahhhhh, Exercise! August 19, 2010

Filed under: Exercise — gohopchick @ 8:42 pm

I got back to the gym this week.  What a relief!

A couple of months ago I broke a rib.  I was installing a hook on my bathroom door.  Couldn’t find the ladder, so I was standing on a kitchen chair.  Wooden kitchen chair on tile floor.  Biiiiig mistake.  The chair went over.  I went down.  Whack!  Chair leg, meet rib.  Rib, meet chair leg!

I can finally sleep on my side again (who knew that sleeping on your back was a skill that one had to learn?) and can rock and roll without pain.  So back to the gym I go!

And my body is so grateful.  It sighs, it stretches, it tingles and make happy sounds.

I never could understand people who hated exercise.  I have always enjoyed it.  Winter hiking up the Escarpment, risking life and limb on icy trails.  Kickboxing to Pink (the artist, not the color)- I love her attitude!  Lying in dusky quiet after a stretching session.  It is when I exercise that I get lost in the moment, and re-connect with the body that I divorced so long ago.

I love it.  I love it all.  And I missed it so much.

After a couple sessions this week I’m walking around like a granny – lactic acid pinging, muscles creaking and groaning.  But it’s so worth it, and the stiffness will pass.

Yay!  I’m a gym rat again!


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