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Hydrotherapy August 10, 2010

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I miss my bathtub.

Several times in the last two weeks at the cottage, I’ve found myself longing to submerge in warm bubbly goodness.  There is something comforting, nurturing and enclosing about being underwater.  I suppose I could swim in the lake, but warm it ain’t, and somehow when I’m in the open water, the Jaws soundtrack niggles away in the back of my brain.  Northern Pike can get pretty big up here – better safe than sorry.

Overeating for me is often about nurture and comfort.  One of the skills I’m learning in this phase of my recovery is finding other ways to add sweetness to my life.  Water is zero calories, especially when used on the outside.

I love baths.  I love whirlpools and hottubs.  Submerging to my chin, hot water frothing and foaming.  Sinking into happy lassitude.  I love long hot showers.  One of my favorite perks of my gym membership is that I can shower as long as I want to without worrying about my gas bill.  I’ll do the requisite soaping and rinsing, and then stand there, sometimes slowly rotating, and feel strains and sorrows dissolve.

Images of water as healer abound in Wisdom Literature.   The Psalmist speaks of a river flowing from God’s presence, a stream that makes us glad.  He talks of drinking from the river of God’s delight, and all of God’s waves and breakers pouring over him.  Hydrotherapy is an ancient and spiritual practice, and one that enhances my program of recovery.


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